A Hot Mess


I’ve always struggled with my Hotbar setup!  There, I admitted it 🙂

This is no more prevalent than on my pure Artificer (Antikitherah).  Being pure and acquiring that wonderful Capstone of being able to activate any clicky as though it was a level 20 spell is no short of awesome!  However, this unmitigated flexibility and power comes at an awful price…screen real estate.

Although I have a nice sized monitor (24″), I feel it only feeds my hotbar gluttony.  Just because I can easily pop-out 20 hotbars, do I need to?  Putting this question aside for now, I’ll move onto my real problem.

With 20 characters, I have 20 different hotbar configurations…and I’m always changing what I think is the best layout.  Even though we have the ability to save different UI layouts, I almost always change my setup with each new (reincarnated) character.

After 7 years of trial and error, I think that I am getting close to landing on the best hotbar orientation for me…perhaps…


4 responses to “A Hot Mess

  1. I have found a style that more or less works for me and it really kills me when i swap from alt A to B where the layout is not similar. Even more so when the two alts are more or less the same guy, like my son’s f2p arty vs my main account arty. Such a mess.

    Also a kind comment on your blog style. The text of your blog is a little dark for me to read. A good rule of thumb is to have a fail amount of contrast between the fore and back grounds.

  2. Thanks Samius! I was just looking at the text and wondering the same thing about the colors. I am colorblind, so I never know if I am over-compensating with it 🙂

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