They Do Exist

Wizard King

Well, hell’s bells!

But, first a little about my playstyle…I have been playing DDO for 7 years (a little past launch) and have only capped 2 characters (extreme altaholic here), one of which is on his first TR journey.  This leaves my level 22 Artificer (Antikitherah Al’Emrys), who is sitting comfortably in Shiradi 4 with only 1 twist (Cocoon…she’s a Helf), enjoying all the oddball procs that are bundled with Double Rainbow stance 🙂

In these 7 years, I have really only PUG’d a couple of times (not too bad), soloed 97% of the time, with a little grouping with transient player-friends thrown-in for good measure.  This being said, I have not raided much (a few solo runs in Chronoscope, and more recently some solo normal runs with that bitchy red head in the desert), nor have I any real endgame loot.  In my quest to “gear-up” now that I have some free time to kill (pun implied), I’ve been running around in various Elite difficulties in the Harbor and Desert for scrolls and stuff (I’m looking at you Golden Guile).  After ransacking the Servant’s chest on EN and running Lord’s of Dust, scoring little more than a pittance of Token Fragments (hey, at least I have enough to make one Token), I decided to take on the first room of the Wizard King while waiting for my Panther summon timer to expire, so that I could continue to ransack the General’s chest for the Ring of Spell Storing.

I figured I’d get a little XP from killing the Den Mother in Elite Wizard King and perhaps find a scroll or something.  After clearing the room on EN and getting nothing more than 1 Token Fragment, I decided to up my ante and resolved to go in on EH the next time.  Although a tad more difficult, I didn’t have too many issues on EH thanks to Pin and Otto’s Whistler.  It was here that I saw my first Seal (Staff of Arcane Power, of which I don’t even have the base item) ever!  There it was in the locked chest in the first room, and I thought to myself, hmm, that’s what they look like…I was so proud of my self.

Another jaunt to the General (who of course wasn’t there) and I was back inside the Wizard King (wait, that doesn’t sound right), but on EE!!!  What can I say, I really felt like testing myself.  So, I throw-on every buff I can and head inside to discover just how quickly I would meet my demise.  I pull the first Gnoll and Pin him while backing up, ready to strike with Otto’s Whistler once he breaks free from my Pin.  This happens (he’s about 1/2 down at this point) and now I got him dancing; he doesn’t last long after that.  Now I’m thinking to myself that I can handle this, if only I can keep everything at a distance, and of course don’t waste a Pin or Otto’s Whistler with a reload animation.  At this point I am really only concerned about getting tripped by the Hyenas, which at this level is automatic if they get close.

The next couple of alcoves are cleaned-out fairly easily, with IPS and some trick-shots getting 2-3 Gnolls pinned and dancing at the same time.  Even with the pinning, dancing, and paralyzing (due to Nerve Venom), being outside of PBS range was killing my DPS, even with blasts from my Corruption of Nature (it was hard to get a full blast of 5 shots due to constantly moving).  I probably should have laid-down all of my Endless Fullisade’s, but you know what they say about hindsight.  Healing Spring and Rejuvenating Cocoon was enough to keep me mostly capped on health and only a few stuns and Greater Commands to worry about.  Now it was time to head-up the ramp and see what I could get into.  It’s here where everything went pear-shaped.

I gingerly advance up the left ramp to pull the first Gnoll and pin him.  This is accomplished, and I’m now heading down the ramp, charging my Rune Arm and volleying bolts .  I then notice that everyone else is moving around too…crapballs!  So I do my best to line as many of them up (a difficult thing to do with the elevation of the ramp) and hit Pin.  I get a few of them, but all of sudden I’m stunned…great!  Next comes a Greater Command and I’m on the floor with the whole Pound Puppy brigade heading my way.  Luckily I’m up before the next stun hits and am able to pop-off a Cocoon for an additional 150 HPs and a handful of mediocre ticks of healing.  This is enough to allow me to put some difference between me and the rabid horde.  I am able to Pin and dance a few of them, but in survival mode I’m in no position to take advantage of their Helpless states.  Unfortunately, all of the casters are now down in the middle of the room with me and I’m trying to make my way back to the hallway to bottle neck them a bit.

Needless to say, with spams of Greater Command and being Stunned and Slowed, I died.  But hey, I think I did rather well.  This being said, I was not going to give-up on that chest!  After getting a Seal on EH, I could only imagine the riches that awaited me inside an EE chest!  So I rez’d and was able to pick-off the remaining 3 Gnolls one by one (fairly easy to do when one can stay upright).  With the room cleared I headed for the chest, all the while envisioning the goodies that must be all snuggled-up inside, next to the crest.  I stop to ponder the riches…then I pop the chest and…nothing!

Oh well.  At least this little (but Epic) adventure showed me two things: 1) Seals do exist…now to get confirmation of Scrolls and Shards 😉 and 2) I can survive 20 mobs on EE, with only dying once


7 responses to “They Do Exist

  1. :)s Not to crush your dreams but the EE challenge in wizking is not the gnolls but what comes after. But i think you can totally solo some of the easier epics on eH i would guess some on eE with time and work.

    Welcome to big kid land.

  2. Yeah…so I actually decided to give eH a shot last night, to see how far I would get. 2 hours later I died outside big R’s door…Hex Wratihs don’t mess around 🙂 I did finally finish the whole thing about 30 minutes later, scoring 4 scrolls and a Bejeweled Letter Opener in total.

    I was being overly cautious and disarmed all the traps and went for Ransack as well, deciding if I was going to do it, I would go all out and make it a night. Regardless, I will probably stick to eN, with the some eH runs sprinkled in here and there.

  3. Nicely done. eH’s especially solo’d are a real joy and its nice to go for a challenge.

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