Stuff Happens Outside of DDO?

You bet it does; and last night was one of those special moments.

My wife and I headed out without the spawn last night to catch one of our favorite bands, The Airborne Toxic Event at the 9:30 Club in DC (recently voted #1 best big room in America by Rolling Stone).  This was truly special for us, as not only was it much needed date night, but we have been in love with TATE for so long and missed an incredible chance to see them perform many years ago, due to really bad weather.  We were determined to make it to this one, despite the strong desire to hang out in our pj’s (uniforms) at home…this urge usually wins out after 13 years of marriage 🙂  However, I was lucky enough to score tickets to the first of two sold out shows!

My wife looted one of Mikel's picks

My wife looted one of Mikel’s picks

But we fought the temptation of a night at home alone without the spawn and ventured out in the pouring rain, fighting 1 1/2 hours of traffic…Baltimore to DC in rush hour and wet weather is certainly an exercise in patience and restraint.  Arriving about 45 minutes before doors, we were happy to discover that we were 6th in line (almost guaranteed a spot close to the stage with General Admission).  We stood in the rain, commenting about how oddly and wonderfully diverse the groups of people coming to the show were, and recounting past shows we saw at there: Tricky, Cibo Matto, Jose Gonzalez, Underworld…and on.

Once the doors opened we headed to the stage and although all the spots right against the railing were taken, we were lucky enough to score some spots right behind two women (who one turned out to be most annoying…you know the one, who is determined to get anyone in the band to pay attention to her…yep, her).  After a couple cans of Guinness and listening to the chick in front of us drone on incessently about her latest sexual exploits with so or so (wannabe groupie much?), the opening band came on stage (awesome group from Ireland, Kodaline) and we were amp’d for a fantastic evening.

Annoying chick in front of us scored Kodaline's set list

Annoying chick in front of us scored Kodaline’s set list

After Kodaline wrapped-up, I pushed my way out of the throng to grab another Guinness.  I shortly made my way back into the front, my wife desperately fighting to keep my spot, and I was told under no circumstances am I allowed to leave again.  After squaring this new reality with my bladder, I downed the Guinness and eagerly awaited TATE.


Mikel and Ana dueling on stage

Mikel and Ana dueling on stage 

Mikel in the close

Mikel in the crowd…so close

What more can I say?  They came on stage with a torrent of energy and we were totally blown away for the entirety of the performance!  I couldn’t believe how close we were…Ana did a stage dive right next to us (my wife touched her thigh), Mikel came down and set down on the railing right next to us and sang a song.  The outpouring of the band’s thankfulness for their fans was amazing and it poured over after the show as Mikel and Ana came back out to chat with lingering fans.

Mikel and my wife

Mikel and my wife


Ana and my wife

Ana and my wife

I had a great night, even if I wasn’t playing DDO 🙂





5 responses to “Stuff Happens Outside of DDO?

  1. What is this “Outside” that you speak of? 🙂

    Seriously, though, it’s awesome that you had a great time; it makes returning to the game (or other venture) that much sweeter since your life is enriched with things to do.

  2. I love you, my husband! Seriously, I think that your Father’s Day present is going to be a road trip to Pittsburgh to see them 😛

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