I’m still here

Thanatopsys Sorc

Hey gang…yes, the entire hand-full of you 🙂

I just wanted to hop-on and say hi, and that I’m still here. Thanks for the new follows (DDOCentral, EvenNote, and Draculetta), as well as the unbeknownst phantom-prodding (by way of new views) to get blogging again.

So what am I up to in DDO?

Well, I finally decided to go for Completionist on one of my characters, Thanatopsys. He already had a Fighter and Ranger life under his belt, and was sitting at 27 as a Pale Master Swashbuckler. In retrospect, I suppose I should have just leveled to cap for an Epic Reincarnation, and then True Reincarnate back to level 1. But this would have required an additional 3.4 million XP for the Karma requirement, since I had been all over the place in previous Epic lives and not concentrated in one ED Sphere. Instead, I fixated on grinding Greater Tokens of the Twelve for The Master’s Gift augment for the extra 5% XP boost for levels 1-4. Since I solo mostly, I decided to run Chronoscope on as many characters as I could in hopes of pulling the five needed tokens. It only took a few days before I had the 5 needed to craft that pretty little augment.

I decided a Sorc life would be next, so I could get it out of the way (not a big fan) with my last Otto’s Irresistible Box. I also would benefit from the +1 to Evocation DC’s when I am on a Druid life. During the building phase I went back and forth between multiclassing and pure, and decided on pure just to power my way through to the next TR. After the TR, and one Wizard Past Life richer, I headed straight to the Bank in the Harbor, grabbed my newly crafted augment and dropped it into my Level 1 Bronkarz’s Cloak. I ran to my Guild Airship, buffed, drank a Sovereign XP potion, consumed my Stone, and BOOM! level 19 (well 18 and a few ranks).

Somewhere along the leveling plan (as is almost always the case), my plans quickly changed. I decided to throw-in some Wizard levels so that I could play a bit with Shiradi Champion (already maxed) once I hit 20, while I completed the two Heroic Sagas in the Forgotten Realms for some ED XP. Of course this revelation only occurred after I took 14 Sorc levels, locking me out of the 2 Favored Soul split (for Just Rewards).

I toyed around with the idea of now going to 28 for that Epic Reincarnation, but decided that I didn’t enjoy the character enough to suffer through all the Epic levels with a 14/6 split that should have been a 12/6/2. So just finished the Sagas and swapped over to Fatesinger to collect the XP reward so that I could grab an easy level there, which netted me another Fate Point…Huzzah!

Now it’s time to TR and move into a Paladin life for that Heal Amp.


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