He Slices, He Dices, He Cuts Through You Like Butter

Mahsyngar Shame

After hitting level 22 on Thanatopsys, opening Fatesinger, and gaining another Fate Point yesterday, I was ready to TR into his next life as a Paladin. I dug into my Shared Bank: Bag Deposit Box, only to find that I was 9 Tokens of The Twelve to craft a True Heart…yikes!

No biggie though. I logged into Mahsyngar (level 25 pure Vanguard Paladin) to farm some tokens in Eberron. I set out to test my metal (literally) in Lords of Dust on Epic Elite (EE). Unfortunately though, I’m stuck at level 25 until I can cap a Primal destiny, so that I can take Perfect Two Weapon Fighting as my level 26 Epic Destiny feat. Of course this means that I need to run in a less than ideal destiny, leaving me with two choices: continue with Shiradi Champion (currently level 4), or start Primal Avatar so I can get Rejuvenating Cocoon (I need it anyway), which I held off on getting due to Lay on Hands (LoH) and Cure Serious Wounds. Guess which one I decided on…Cocoon baby! If I’m going to continue doing EE, Cocoon is pretty mandatory.

I enter the quest, buff-up, and head into the first room. I draw an Attack Dog and Cultist into the hallway and hit Shield Charge, stunning them. After a few swings of Mornh, Hammer of the Mountains some shield bash procs, they were dead. I proceeded further into the room and quickly dispatched everything else. I thought to myself, “Wow, that went really well!”. The next wave saw even more stuns (even from Stunning Blow), and was cleared in similar fashion.

The next ares unfolded in mostly the same way, with a little trouble in large groups (primarily the swarm of Attack Dogs). My first was death was handed to me by a Champion sized Bastion, and not paying attention. After death, and in hilarious fashion I realized that although I selected Primal as my ED before entering the quest, I never activated it…hahahaha! So I recalled to The Wayward Lobster (ignoring the XP penalty for re-entry), switched from Shiradi to Primal, and headed back to the entrance; I swear I heard Dectaran snicker as I ran by. Once back in, I quickly made short work Bastion (no Mysterious Remnants), all the Cultists (including another Champion with no Remnants or chest), and Attack Dogs along the way to Marideth. YAY! another Champion mini boss. Surprisingly she was easy, as I was able to keep her in a perpetual state of stunned. Again, no Remnants.

I was able to make it through all of the traps after the 1st shrine and headed into the deeper into the base. Here, the Death Knights gave me a little trouble, but taking them one-on-one and being able to stun with Stunning Shield worked really well. This entire time I was shocked that I was able to stun everything and make quick work, even in an way off-destiny. Feeling proud of my efforts, I steeled myself to face Tahmael. Drawing the mobs out one-by-one allowed for little worry and soon he was the only one left; you guessed it…Champion mini boss (and…no Remnants…again). At this point I’m wondering if this is just the norm on EE? Nevertheless, my stuns kept his head down, and several doublestrike Smites ended him quickly.

I made my way down to the final fight with ease, all the while wondering about Karas and his slice n’ dice prowess. The Sacrificed Cultists definitely gave me some fits (even taking on two at time), as I had some trouble stunning (obviously, they’re undead are supposed to be immune) and targeting myself with much needed LoH’s (I wasted several on the skeletons, not realizing it). Despite all of this, I prevailed and it was time to take on Inquisitor Gnoman. After being tricked into slaughtering all those innocent Sovereign Host worshipers (despite knowing better) still fresh in my mind, I was out for revenge. Again, my stuns proved the difference against another Champion mini boss (no Remnants…seriously). And now, my worse fear…Karas…

Well, it turns out that I was right to be worried. Red named bosses (such as Karas) are immune to stunning and he hits for about 400 damage on EE…oh, and he does it really fast! I died twice before I decided that I needed to switch destinies, the further loss of XP and my pride be damned. So back to The Wayward Lobster I ran, switched to Unyielding Sentinel and all the defensive goodies it afforded me. HP’s went up by 300, +3 LoH’s that regenerate faster, more fortification (apparently 130% wasn’t enough), Healing Amp, more AC…the works. Back I ran to the quest entrance, Dectaran looking baffled as I whizzed by, and headed into the bowels of the Cultist Base.

There I found Karas waiting for me. Since I no longer needed the +10 Stunning that Mornh gave me, I switched to my Oathblade (no Thunder-Forged yet) and hit him with my first Smite. With alternating Smites, Shield Smashes, and LoH’s (all 8 of them!), he was felled. I headed back to the chest, rumbling all around me. I open the chest, only to find…a Mimic. Meh, he (although I suppose it could have been a she) killed me, as I failed to get my Unyielding Sovereignty off in time. Oh well, it was a fitting end to bungled endeavor.

At least I scored 1 Token of the Twelve, which was the point, right?


5 responses to “He Slices, He Dices, He Cuts Through You Like Butter

      • Even if EH/EE gave more, they’d have to double or triple the payout to make it worth it from a pure token farming perspective. Oh, well.. it’s still a great source, even if waiting on the waves in EN can get tiresome. I suppose that’s what tv in the background is for… Lol

  1. Indeed. I flagged for VON, gaining fragments along the way, probably enough for 2 tokens. I’ll just head back to DA on EN for the rest 🙂 And yes, it’s a brutal wait.

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